Summer Jobs

Summer is right around the corner, so how are you gonna spend it?

With summer comes a lot of free time, so why not make some money from it? You can make money from a variety of jobs. Some jobs you can find around your neighborhood like mowing people’s lawns and asking to walk their dogs for a small fee are good examples, especially for those that don’t have regular vehicle access. You won’t make a lot of money doing these, but it’s something. If you wanna make consistent money and get out of the house, then get a job at some of the local businesses around.
These jobs are meant to keep you busy and make some money. Summer is when you wanna go spend your time with your friends, and if you don’t have any money, you are not going to be able to do fun activities like swimming, Lagoon, shopping sprees, or taking someone on a date. These jobs range from fast food to arcades. Some of the requirements for these jobs are to be at least 16, and have an open schedule, so if you do a lot of family stuff or a summer sport, find a job that has very flexible hours.
Some recommendations are Toads Funzone – this is an arcade that has mini golf laser tag and go karts. This place is a part time job with a great work environment.

Walgreens is a part time job where you will help people check out and restock shelves.
Some restaurants or fast food you could work at basically any place like Mcdonalds, TocoBell, Burger King, Ect. With these jobs you will need a food handlers license. These jobs do require a lot of talking to people
Another job you can do is be a lifeguard, but with this you will also need a lifeguard certification. This job is great for tanning but also you need to be very vigilant, you are saving peoples lives.
How to get and keep the job.
When interviewing make sure to just be yourself! Keep a positive attitude and make sure that you read the room properly. Try and lighten the mood, make them laugh a little, everyone loves a good laugh. Dress accordingly, nothing crazy like what you would wear to prom but wear a nice shirt and jeans. Wearing hats it’s not ethical depending on the job you are trying to get, just know your crowd before wearing any hats.
When you start working, stay on your feet and make sure to constantly stay productive. If something needs to be cleaned, clean it. If something needs to be made, then make it. But make sure to not to overwork yourself and enjoy your summer. I would limit your hours to around 25 hours per week. This gives you time to go out with friends. Make sure to show up to your job on time. If you have a shift you need to miss it. make sure to get it covered; dont no-show. That’s a good way to lose that job. When working, have a smile on your face as often as you can. You wanna do this so people feel more welcomed.
Having a summer job is a great opportunity to make new friends and stay social over the summer. Highly recommended by most teens. So get out there, find a job, make new friends, and make some cash.

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