The Fremont Talent Show Surprises and Amazes

This year’s talent show was nothing short of amazing. The show started off with the National Anthem sung by Savannah Slater, which was absolutely stunning. Her vocals were astounding  and had the whole auditorium cheering whilst she was singing. With the assembly starting off on such a high note, the expectations were set high, and they just kept getting met with every performance after that.

 Right after the anthem, it was time for the prom nominees, and how the audience was excited for the nominees. Each nominee was greeted by loud cheers and applause from the audience. There were 18 candidates in total, half male half female. While there were definitely some favorites, each of them were welcomed with love.

These are Some of the Highlights of the Show

Followed by the prom nominees were the performances for the talent show. The first performance was a smashing performance by the band Vasseline and their song “Famous” and it was widely loved by the crowd and they were not to blame. The band had a drummer, two guitarists and a base. The bass started the performance with some slap bass immediately followed by the actual song. For a high school band they are exceptionally good.

This wasn’t the only instrument based group that played musical instruments. We had Martin Freston with the solo bass who had one of those old style bass and put out some pretty good tunes. Another one was Porter McFarland with the solo bass. Porter has been doing the drums for a little over 5 years now who, like Martin, performed without any music sheets.

The following performance was a piano solo by Aaron Woodland which was absolutely spectacular. He performed multiple songs all without a music sheet, which takes a lot of skill to do so. The fact that he managed to do all those songs by memory takes a good memory and a lot of mental fortitude.

The next performance was a song “Never Enough” sung by Malan Keller. The song started off with low notes followed by a lot of high notes, and Malan hit those notes every single time. The vocals that were brought by her were nothing short of astounding. And of course the crowd kept the same energy shouting and giving her lots of love.

Another singing performance was by a group of 4, Tune Deaf (Issac Yorgason, Jarem Eastman, Ammon Yorgason and Sam Ostler) doing an acapella performance mixed with a little comedy in it. The performance was an old style type of acapella where a group of people where they are synchronized. This group had a little twist to their performance. Whilst keeping the synchronization, they added little parts where it seemed like they were messing up to create a comedic effect.

Additionally,  there were other singing performances. Addison Davis Singing “Waving Through a Window” was an impressive performance because of the lyrical-heavy, challenging song style. Her emotional portrayal lit up the stage.

  Kohen Miller’s Bullwhips demonstration was impressive because of how hard it is to make your own whips, as he did with nylon. He stated, “If you have a hard time with loud noises, you may want to cover your ears.” He wasn’t wrong as loud cracks and pops filled the auditorium and shook the audience.  

Trista and Joey performed a classic play scene written by Shel Silverstein. “Crazy Bag Lady” was laugh-out-loud funny and had some impressive prop-comedy.

Ben and Connor’s Singing and Dancing closed out the night with a full performance of the southern-style rap, “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. Ben took the lead on the rap lyrics and Connor nailed the vocals. Both did a great job entertaining on the stage and left a memorable impression as the audience left the auditorium with “Old Town Road” running through their heads. 

The shows at this year’s Fremont’s talent show were just spectacular. Everyone impressively showcased  their talent and none of them disappointed. For the 2023 school talent show, everyone brought out their best this year. 

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