Saving Money as a Teenager

Saving money can be a pain, so here are some tricks to help it be a little easier!

Once you get your “dream” summer job it is time to start to think about what you wanna do with your money. You can spend this money on a variety of things, most of these things being food, gas, hobbies, and dates. But when it comes to doing these things consistently, it can start to get expensive. How can you make doing these things more affordable but still have just as much fun? 

You can download the Groupon app or use their website, and they will help you find deals to make your activities cheaper but still fun.

These deals can range from a certain percentage  off, or you can often find buy-one-get-one deals that are perfect for  dates, or even if you are with the boys so you don’t go broke. Groupon applies to a lot of places that you probably go to regularly, but you just didn’t know it was an option, such as: Flowrider, Seaquest, and Recrocade, an old fashioned arcade. 

 If neither of these options suit you, you can always put in a little more work and creativity and do at-home dates. Make your own movie theater and build a fort. Play games Bored games, video games, and made up games. These are just some examples of things you could do to still have fun but not spend as much. 

But here is some advice from someone who knows a lot more about what they are doing when it comes to money.

 Mr.Hancock our Financial Literacy teacher mentioned that, It is not bad to purchase things, but distinctly said, ¨ Going through the thought process of “do I need/want this now,” opposed to, “delaying my gratification and saving it for something else down the road”. Now, this is great advice because we all know that we have made some purchases that we have instantly regretted. 

When Hancock was asked about coupons, one of the best things for saving money, he said that us teens should look into using them more often, and adds,¨I like to talk to my students about bargain shopping and communicating with the sales person in getting a better deal.¨

So this summer when you go on a shopping spree with your new hard earned cash, maybe stop and think about if you need or want an item, or try and find a better deal on it.

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