Each quarter, we ask the students to reflect on a question we ask them. The question for Speak this quarter is, “What is something memorable from this year?” 

Sarah Mcbride, Junior
-”I liked being in the pit for the school plays, I got to do all the cello solos.”

Porter Lee, Junior
“Prom this year for sure, I got nominated to be prom king so that was cool.”

Madalyn Myers, Junior

“My favorite part of this year was the swim meets. My favorite one being regionals at the Davis rec center, and I did really well and dropped a lot of my time and had fun with my friends. “

Bree Kendrick, Junior
-”The football games are just something that everyone is therefore and everyone has a good spirit, my favorite theme being neon.”

Zachary Delbridge, Junior
¨It was my first time playing varsity football, and I was being thrown around like a little boy against Skyridge while playing nose, when those guys are like 150 pounds heavier than me.¨

Amare Harlan, Senior
“My favorite thing was [Homecoming] week because of all the fun activities and all the fun memories I made.”

Davanie Eggleston, Sophomore
“I started ASL and it is just fun to learn how to communicate with more people and just be more involved.”

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