Boys Soccer

The Boys team is kicking off strong!

Fremont’s Boys Soccer team is starting the season strong with stats of 11-3 overall and 7-3 in region as of the beginning of May. The boys worked hard all season with a successful outcome. 

The boys soccer team obtained a new coaching staff this year and overall an alternate version of the team. The new head coaches are Darren Erwin and Kole Herrick. 

Varsity, By Nolan Thurston.

The boys have worked harder than ever with the new team and coaches to implement their amazing performance throughout the season. Team chemistry is important for the boys to build in order to play as exceptionally as they can to reach the playoffs.  

Kyler Klomp, one of the team’s captains, reflects on the team’s chemistry, saying, “I think it’s solid. We could be closer because I feel like there are individual cliques between kids that play on their own club teams, but we are getting there.”

Their relationship is one of the preparations the team have been working hard on this year, considering the build of the team is a little different from previous years with the new coaches and players taking the field.  

Grant Morrison said, “We are building team chemistry and learning more about how each other plays and how to play with each other.”

Nevertheless, the boys have been doing exceptional throughout the season, their forward being most of the strong suit in the team. They had a very successful pre-season and ended up winning the Davis cup in one of their tournaments. If they keep up the good work, the team will make the playoffs, guaranteed. 

Kyler Klomp, Cash Carter, Brennen Martin with Davis cup. Photo by Nolan Thurston.

The team’s scoring skills have been sensational this year. It has been one of their overall advantages over their other competitors.  Kyler Klomp states, “I´d say the depth we have in our forward and attack is one of our biggest advantages. We have a lot of really skilled players. I think we should score a lot.”

The team has worked very hard this year and it has turned out in their favor. Playoffs begin on Saturday, May 13th. Let’s keep encouraging our boys and wish them luck to make the playoffs!

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