Swinging Through the Competition

They took 2nd at Region and are on their way to State!

The Girls Golf team had gone through 3 head coaches over the past 4 years. The most consistent coach they have had since 2019 is Todd Heugly. Coach Heugly has not disturbed the atmosphere the team has, he has enhanced it. 

Along with a new head coach there are two new assistant coaches. The first is Lynn Hadley. The girl’s golf team reflect that his dad jokes and comfortability allow them to be comfortable on and off the field. . He is also super supportive and a great teacher.  The Second assistant coach is Bailey Bradford, who is a returning silver wolf she played from 2013-2017 for the girls golf team. When asked why Bailey would come back to teach, she said, “Not only do I love golf, but I love seeing other people improve. So getting to come back and coach at the school I played for and watch the program grow has been awesome.” One thing is for sure they are thankful to have Bailey back. 

Every athlete has their own personal weaknesses and strengths but this whole team’s strength is comradery. From other competitors, parents, and enemy coaches, they all have said the Fremont girls have great spirit, sportsmanship, and are supportive of each other’s 


 The best memories are the bus rides, Riley Stone said “…any bus ride that has ever happened is the funnest time of my life.” A big speaker and 13 people singing songs anywhere from Bruno from Encanto to Old Town Road By: Lil Nas X. From the start to end of every tournament this team gives 100% to each other. Honorable mention memories are over spring break when the team put 7 people on one golf cart and played hide and seek. Some people took it a little too seriously and hid in the pine trees. We can’t forget the time they silly stringed their coach after their home course tournament. He was a wall of silly stink almost like a Ghillie suit. 

This team has a lot of fun on and off the course but they also put in a lot of work into their games. Most players practice everyday for around 2 hours. Along with working hard every Wednesday there is a team dinner where they play bonding games and trivia crack. 

Wish these girls good luck at state on May 9- May 10th and we can’t wait to see what happens next year. 

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