Summer’s Bucket List

By: Hailey Shaw and Marlie Hansen

Summer is one the most carefree seasons, but if you’re not too careful, it can slip away all too fast and end with disappointment. Check out our bucket list for the summer of 2022!

We’ve all fallen into summer’s trap. The days blur together and the days not spent working are spent lazing around the house, playing video games, watching tv, or just sleeping in until noon or later. Then, when August rolls around, school takes over the days once again. To avoid spending summer as a pile on a couch, here are some fun ideas to do all around our very own state of Utah!

Get Fresh Produce at Farmers Market

One of the coolest things that Ogden has to offer is the weekly farmers market in 

the summer. Every Saturday, tons of vendors line 25th street with everything from locally grown goods to handcrafted art pieces. The Farmer’s market is a great place to enjoy live music, and stock up on fresh produce!

See a Show at Kilby Court

If you’re looking to go a little outside of your comfort zone, a show at Kilby Court in Salt Lake is a great way to get involved with the Utah music scene. Music lovers all know the infamous Kilby Court as THE place to get acquainted with up and rising local bands. Tickets usually cost between $5 and $20, bigger acts costing closer to the $20 side.

Take a Swim in Homestead Crater

A lesser known attraction in Utah is the Homestead Crater in Midway. The crater 

is a natural hot spring, and a great place for snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving. It’s about a two-hour drive from Fremont, but it is totally worth it.Year round, the crater stays heated between 90 and 95 degrees, and it is 65 feet deep. 

Clean the Sink at Angie’s

Another option for summer fun is cleaning the kitchen sink at Angie’s in Logan, Utah. The kitchen sink is a model sink filled with all types of ice cream and special ingredients. Anyone who is able to ‘clean the sink’ by eating the entire contents gets a bumper sticker to show off their accomplishment.

Take a hike at Utah’s National Parks

Utah is known for its beauty at its five national parks, and most of them are less than 6 hours away by car. Zion’s is famous for its steep red cliffs along the canyon. Bryce Canyon National park has the world’s biggest collection of hoodoos, a distinctive rock formation. Arches National Park is famous for, well, its arches. It has over 2,000 natural sandstone arches. Canyonlands is mostly known for Island of the Sky, a mesa in the middle of the park that allows for camping, stargazing, and more. Last, but certainly not least, Capitol Reef is famous for its ‘wrinkle’ formed in the landscape millions of years ago that accounts for the ‘reef’ in its name.

Chillax at Crystal Hot Springs

One of the coolest places to relax is the Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville, near Tremonton. The natural hot springs keep the pools nice and warm, the perfect temperature to chill and talk with friends. For those that are more adventurous, they also have water slides that are decently fast. The price is a little steep at $18 a person, but you are free to stay all day!

Get Crafty at Raspberry Days

Further north, in Bear Lake, every August is the Raspberry Days Weekend! This year it will be August 3rd to the 6th. In Garden City, they have games, a Craft Fair, a pie-eating contest, a golf tournament, bingo, a 5k run, parades, live concerts, and fireworks! And of course, they will have all the fresh and delicious raspberries you can eat!

Make a Visit to Antelope Island

Another place unique to Utah is Antelope Island! It is an island in the Great Salt Lake with unique wildlife, beaches, and salt pans. It is a $10 fee per car, so it is recommended that you carpool with friends. On the island, there are bison, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and antelope roaming around for everyone to see. It is a unique place to visit this summer!

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