Who is Sadie Hawkins?

Sadie Hawkins is often associated with a lighthearted dance or an American holiday that’s celebrated on the first Saturday in November. However, her origins trace farther back even further. 

Her story starts with Al Capp’s Li’l Abner comic strip, made in 1934. In the comic strip Saide is described as both shy and rather unfortunate looking. After waiting 15 years for a suitor to sweep her off their feet both Sadie and her father grew inpatient. Her father wanted the best for Sadie and devised a plan. 

Thinking “what’s the worst that could happen” he rounded up all the bachelors in Dogpatch together to have them race. Typical races have the goal of to win first place by being the fastest, this however was no typical race. The unmarried men were made to run away and avoid being tackled by Sadie Hawkins as whoever was caught was forced to marry her. 

In the story the other unmarried woman believed this race was a brilliant idea and called to make Sadie Hawkins day a yearly event with a dance to go along with it.  

This race was used to finally settle an off again on again romance between two of Al Capps characters: Abner and Daisy Mae.  

Sadie Hawkins quickly was especially popular after the great depression as it was considered a low cost dance. This also created the opportunity for women to ask out men as before it was considered taboo. 

It’s safe to say that the Sadie Hawkins dance has become a cultural phenomenon that encourages young women to initiate romantic relationships, helping change history in the process. 

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